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We welcome you and thank you for your interest in Realm of Caring and willingness to serve as an Ambassador. Your services are highly valued by both our staff and our clients. Your stimulation, companionship, attentiveness, and warmth add a refreshing dimension to the lives of our clients. As a volunteer for Realm of Caring, you are special; you are willing to give regular time and energy to someone needing a little help. You are helping people in your community lead more satisfying, independent lives. Your efforts will bring happiness to others, and a sense of personal fulfillment you will find hard to beat.

You are joining the ranks of the many who have dreamed and worked to found and establish the Realm of Caring. Volunteers have always played an important role in the development of this organization. We need our volunteers not only to supplement our paid staff but to bring a creativity and vitality that is necessary for the growth of our organization. As you serve with your talent, time, and energy, we hope you will know that this all-important gift will permanently benefit the needs of the entire community.

In making assignments to specific duties within the Realm of Caring Volunteer program we are asking you to share your capabilities in assisting us where you are needed the most. At this time, we are only accepting applicants who reside in Colorado. Your service, your smile and your contributions of hours of volunteerism are valuable assets and we thank you. Realm of Caring welcomes you as a volunteer member and hopes your association will be a mutually satisfying experience.

Thank you for the time, devotion and love you are willing to share with the Realm of Caring. We appreciate your efforts!