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Volunteer Welcome

Dear Volunteers,
 Thank you for your interest in the Realm of Caring Volunteer Program. We are delighted you have chosen to learn more about how to support our organization’s mission and lend your time and talents to ensure its success. Your dedicated service makes a HUGE impact in the movement to establish medical cannabis as a safe, effective, and legal resource for the citizens of this state, this country, and all over the world. Through research and education programs, Realm of Caring provides education to organizations and medical personnel, as well as direct support to more than 43,000 individual clients and families. Our RoC Volunteers are simply invaluable to our ability to grow and continue to deliver high-quality programs and services to those in need.
I look forward to working with you to maximize the impact of your time and energy. You are so appreciated!!
Toni Da Pron, Volunteer Coordinator

Information for Local Volunteers

Are you in Colorado Springs and Front Range? If so, follow these steps to join our local ranks!

  • Step 1. Read about RoC's needs and available opportunities based on how often you'd like to volunteer.
  • Step 2. Attend a RoC Volunteer Information Session- RSVP Now
  • Step 3. Complete the Volunteer Application.
  • Step 4. Your RoC Staff Partner will reach out to you for an interview.
  • Step 5. Get started being the change you want to see in the world!

Information for Remote Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,
 Thank you for your interest and passion for supporting the Realm of Caring Foundation’s mission. The energy and creative sparks you provide help drive our organization further to reach and support more individuals in your community. Thank you for taking the first step to get involved and MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!
 There are many ways for volunteers who are not local to our headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO to get involved and make a HUGE difference for those individuals who are seeking a better quality of life through the use of cannabinoid therapy. These contributions can be very simple: such as social shares and social awareness/fundraising campaigns (we are on Facebook, IG & Twitter). To projects that may take more time: such as creating and hosting a fundraising event in your local area and lots of projects in between. If you have a specific idea, please reach out to me and we can assess if we can help you make it happen.
 Please know that we are in the process of building out a more robust volunteer program, with more specific calls to action for those of you not in the Colorado Springs area with tools to help you be successful in your advocacy and fundraising work on RoC’s behalf. In the interim, we would like to stay in touch and keep you updated on this project’s completion. Please take the following survey to help us get to know you and how you’d like to get involved in the future. We will contact you as opportunities arise for you to take action in your area.

 Thank you for your interest in and support of the Realm of Caring Foundation!

 Toni Da Pron
 Event & Volunteer Coordinator

Get started TODAY:
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