Vote to Protect Your Rights

In line with our mission for support and advocacy for individuals using cannabinoid therapy, RoC collaborated with local nonprofits to create the educational material below for the upcoming Colorado Springs City Council Election, taking place April 4th. Please take the time to review and consider your action.

In the words of John F Kennedy:

"There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

Click the image to download the fullsized PDF document.

Colorado Springs City Council Candidates' Positions on Medical Cannabis

Congressional Cannabis Caucus

We are excited to announce that the US House of Representatives has formed its first Congressional Cannabis Caucus. The caucus was founded by Republicans Dana Rohrabacher and Don Young and Democrats Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis. The goal of the caucus is to harmonize federal laws that prohibit medical and recreational cannabis use with state laws that permit it.


Get Paid For Research!

We are looking for adults who use hemp oil (CBD) products to participate in a brief study. Participation requires one 45 minute in-person visit to Colorado Springs to answer some questions and provide a biological sample. Following participation, you will receive $25 compensation.


Mugs of RoC- Lacie, Care Specialist

Well, here we are, March's Mugs of RoC! If you haven’t heard, this is a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Lacie, Care Specialist at RoC. Lacie is one of the newest team members, but this girl is one old soul... She loves crystals, sage, imagining and creating. I know this because she is a total “YES” lady, constantly going with the situation to see what can happen. If you were in a life or death improv battle, you would want Lacie on your team, for sure! That’s why we adore her. Let's GO.


CW Pet Product Launch & RoC Pet Guidelines

We know people love their pets, we hear it all the time and feel it ourselves. Have you met Raja?? Yeah, LOVE him. They’re our traveling companions, service animals, four-legged kids, fur-babies, we totally understand! And many have health issues of their own as well. Now, CW Hemp and RoC are excited to announce pets have the same access and support to cannabinoid therapy as those walking upright!


Raise the Realm: 10 stories,10 days, $10K

Raise the Realm- 10 stories in 10 days: RoC is getting ready to celebrate Spring with our annual online fundraiser, #RaiseTheRealm! We will release 10 amazing stories of healing, in 10 days, to raise $10K! YOU can help! Stay tuned to socials starting 3/20, and be ready to encourage your friends to donate. Donations are matched, so your impact is doubled!


Brain Awareness Week: CBD and Brain Health

March 14-20 is Brain Awareness Week, something the RoC team takes quite seriously. Not only does brain health impact just about every individual we come in contact with, it affects our team as well. We focus greatly as an organization on mental and overall health of our staff; we take short walks outside several times a day, we have fidget toys and exercise equipment, and we support each other in healthy eating habits. But sometimes, even all this support just isn’t enough. This is the case with our leader, Heather. While on sabbatical, she noticed a few things that seemed off. When she started adding them up, it turned into something worth investigating, which is what she is doing:


Mugs of RoC: Meet Joel

Time for February's Mugs of RoC, a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Joel Munson, Program Manager at RoC. He goes by Jefe, T. Joel Munson, Joelseph, and Brother Munson, among many other names. Joel is also one of our longest serving team members, hopping on board in the spring of 2014.


One Mission, Uniting Many

Lately at work, I’ve noticed a wonderful thing. RoC hires team members for their heart; their compassion and enthusiasm to help others. These are traits shared by everyone in the organization. The thing I’ve been noticing recently, though, is our differences. Several countries are represented while 5+ languages are spoken. Some are Colorado natives, others moved here only recently. Yet we’re all united in our mission to improve quality of life for our clients.

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