"What's in your stash bag?" with Heather Jackson, CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation

Please tell us about yourself, your business, and what motivated you to get involved in the industry?

First, it is not an industry, it is a cause. You can quote me on that! :) My name is Heather Jackson, I am the CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation and cannabis took over my life (sounds like I am at a 12 step program) after it saved my then 9-year-old son Zaki, who has a rare catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. He transitioned from hospice to health. After his seizures remitted and he made huge strides in his development I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others who were in the same situation that my family was in. I co-founded a nonprofit called the Realm of Caring in 2012, and we received our 501(c)3 status in 2013. I may have come into cannabis by force, but it is my greatest honor to now spend my time helping others.


Milenio Jalisco

Last week some of our team was down in Guadalajara, Mexico for its first ever conference on medical cannabis. Our Executive Director, Heather Jackson, presented the preliminary data from a study we are doing with Johns Hopkins University on the use of medicinal cannabis for different chronic conditions. She left such an impact there that the local newspaper Milenio Jalisco did a full two-page feature on her! Click here to read more.

Mugs of RoC- Kelly, Care Specialist

Kelly is one of our newest Care Specialists here at RoC. She's only been here a month, but she jumped in with both legs and is totally RoC'n it!! Kelly is awesome. We knew her before she started, she is married to one of our favorite chiropractors, Dr. Gengler of Chiroworks (shameless plug, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need a chiro in the Colorado Springs area, he has PLENTY of experience with kiddos with special needs, and he is my assumed holistic health coach LOL!), so of course we knew we'd love her. What we didn't know is that she has a BA in German AND Psychology, is a licensed massage therapist, taught at a community college and has worked extensively in the medical field... but as she says, she's a mom first and foremost! <3 She is smart as whip, nothing gets past this lady, and she's not afraid to share her mind and thoughts, making her a wonderful team member.

Without further delay, please meet Kelly Gengler!
Nicole: "Say "Hi," Kelly!"


CannabiSalud 2017 Recap

Realm of Caring made it’s way well across the Mexican border and into Guadalajara, June 2nd and 3rd. Tempting were the mariachis, and the margaritas, however, it was the first Latin American symposium on medical cannabis for medical professionals that eventually got us on a plane heading South to CannabiSalud 2017.


Autism One 2017 Recap

Autism One is an International conference in which vanguard researchers, novelty ideas and products geared toward those with autism hit the spotlight. The RoC had the privilege not only of having a booth but also of sitting on a panel with experts and doctors and furthermore of presenting some of the preliminary results of our Observational Research Registry (ORR) with Johns Hopkins University (JHU).


RoC Now Offering Orientation Series in Spanish

Spanish is one of our most in-demand languages for our educational services, as we are now serving over 35,000 people worldwide!! This has prompted us to make our Orientation Series available for those who speak Spanish. We will continue to host this class in English most every other week, with an occasional class offered in Spanish. Our first Spanish class will be held June 6 at 1 PM Mountain Time; to join us online or in-person RSVP below. Click here for more information about our recurring English educations.


Mugs of RoC- Erika, Operations Team

Holy moly, it's May! This month I sat down with Erika (Erika Rae is her pet name, when you need a quick project done last minute LOL!) Erika started out as Executive Administrator in 2014, when this whole crazy thing started. Erika was about to book a European trip as an au pair, ready to see the world, when she dropped all of her plans to help RoC become what we are today, and we would not have been the same without her. She developed and meticulously guards the Realm Cares program. The success of clients on Realm Cares thrills her, and she feels their struggles and their disappointments. This is because Erika embodies Realm Cares, Erika Cares.

See, she is what I call a human unicorn. She is vivacious, intelligent, caring, courageous and authentic. She's a vegan. She's a Pantheist, respecting all things around her. She's a musician. She loves kids. She is a caretaker. And in addition to all this, to all those she cares for, she has her own physical and emotional battles. This has prompted her to take care of herself and transition away from the Realm of Caring at this point in her life, and we couldn't be sadder to see her go, nor more happy for her to continue to develop her wings and fly.
Now, drying my tears, let's get on with this amazing interview:

Nicole: "Say "Hi," Erika Rae!"

Erika: "Good morning!"

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