Realm Cares Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for Realm Cares Financial Aid?

    If you’ve created a RoC Client Portal account (by signing up, it’s free!), then you can apply for Realm Cares. Multiple members of the same family may apply, using separate applications.

    Previous grant recipients are not eligible to reapply. Coupon recipients may apply again.

    At this time, we cannot accept applications from outside of the United States. Applicants must have a Social Security Number and use an American bank.

  • If I’m accepted, how will I receive the grant money?

    Most Realm Cares grants are distributed via direct deposit (if you’re accepted, we’ll ask for the grantee’s banking information at that time). However, some clients are chosen to receive coupon codes instead, for products RoC supports the use of. If accepted, you will be notified upon approval of the form of your monthly grant.
  • For how long can I receive financial aid?

    If you’re accepted, you may remain in the program for up to one year, if you comply with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Can I opt out of the program at any time?

    Yes, if you no longer need or want the grant, please let us know and you will be removed from the program. You may reapply if needed, but we cannot guarantee re-entry.
  • If accepted, how much will I receive?

    The council determines the grant amount based a number of factors, such as the client's financial information, hardship, and funding available.
  • What if I don’t file taxes? Do I have to claim this on my taxes?

    If you don’t file taxes, it will not eliminate your application. In compliance with IRS Publication 3833: Disaster Relief, recipients do not need to file Realm Cares grants on their taxes, and therefore it should not affect your social security or disability benefits.
  • Who is part of the Realm Cares Council that makes the decision on the process?

    The Realm Cares Council is comprised of compassionate, caring people who are familiar with the daily struggles that occur when chronic, debilitating conditions impact a family or individual. Currently, the council consists of a parent of a child who is medically complex, a RoC staff member, and a community member- one involved in the medical cannabis field, and the other in home healthcare. The Realm Cares coordinator does not contribute to Realm Cares Council decisions but is available to answer any questions.
  • Who do I contact for more information?

    The Realm Cares Coordinator can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at 719-347-5400 ext 102.