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5K Round Up: The 3rd Annual I LOVE BRAINS Run for the Realm

5K Video Update:

2016 was the third year for the annual Realm of Caring I LOVE BRAINS 5K. We are pleased to say it was also the largest and most successful. You helped Realm of Caring raise $28,000. Washington DC also held their first satellite run this year. We’re hoping to add events in other cities and states in the coming years!

Thank you so much for partnering with us for the 3rd Annual Run for the Realm. It was a tremendous event with a whopping record number of registrants, sponsors and vendors. We appreciate the role each of you played in the success of this event. This year we had 169 local participants and 65 virtual participants. Washington DC also piloted their first satellite run this year. Dawn Lee-Carty did an amazing job there and we are so grateful to have her on our team. We’re hoping to add events in other cities and states in the coming years! If you’re interested in potentially hosting an I LOVE BRAINS 5K in 2017, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she can get you connected.


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In the coming weeks, we’ll officially launch a major sustainability campaign: RoC Friends! When you sign up as a RoC Friend, your monthly gift fuels our mission to Improve Quality of Life through cannabinoid Research, Education, and Advocacy.

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Client Spotlight: Patricia

At the urging of my oldest daughter, I purchased Charlotte's Web 1 oz, 200mg bottle of hemp oil. When I was 28 (1988), I came down with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia. The first 7 years I was bedridden. I slowly improved, but I've never enjoyed good health since then. I stopped driving about 5-6 years ago due to severe brain fog. Bodily pain varies; what afflicted me most has been frequent migraines, severe fatigue, a definite feeling of malaise, light and sound sensitivity (so bad I had to quit going to church and other functions); the list goes on and on.

Due to some swelling, I couldn't walk from the pain for over 2 years. On 'good days' I'd try to go for nightly walks but usually had to turn back after just walking past 3 or 4 houses. It wasn't fun; living in the dark and trying to find fulfillment doing basically nothing. I started taking the hemp oil six days ago: half a dropper full twice daily. I cannot even begin to tell you the improvement I've seen in that short time!! I feel mentally alert again. I no longer have that deathly morbid fatigue. My mood is ...dare I say it... almost happy! Things that I had to force myself to do I now do naturally and without thought. And best of all....I have taken 1 mile walks every day since taking it with absolutely no problem!!!!! Smiling, no pain, no fatigue, for the first time in many years!! No way could any placebo effect cause this. I have tried so many things with sometimes disastrous results, and to tell the truth, had resigned myself to a lifetime of misery...It is awesome feeling like my old self after over 28 years.

Shop for a Cause: Secondline Jewels shows support for Realm of Caring

Secondline Jewels, a Louisiana based business, re-purposes broken drum cymbals into jewelry and fine accessories. The owners have a personal connection to RoC and are showing their support through donating 20% of all sales from their Signature Line to the RoC.

Shop Now

Read the story of their son, who is nearing 3 months of seizure freedom, here.

RoC Community Center introduces local chiropractor, Dr. Kirby Gengler, DC

Now offering appointment hours in RoC's Community Center, Dr. Gengler, of ChiroWorks, has been practicing for 17+ years. He has been treating children and families in the Colorado Springs area for the last 5 years. Dr. Kirby Gengler DC has experience with a great number of common Chiropractic conditions. Conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, migraine, headaches, jaw pain, sciatica, and auto accident injuries.

Dr. Kirby Gengler has extensive experience treating children. Conditions such as ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory integration, behavior issues, seizure disorders, sleep problems, and food allergies, all can respond well to a multi faceted integrated holistic approach.

"My goal is to identify what health issues are most important to you and create a plan with natural solutions" - Dr. Gengler DC

Now's a great time to take advantage of Dr. Gengler's current promotion for RoC Clients:
Receive 20% off of standard pay per visit treatments* or receive $20 off per month on our family plans*
Chiropractic and Cranial Evaluation for Realm of Caring members

*Chestnut St location only. Not combined with any other offer.
Learn more about Dr. Gengler at
Scheduling and billing is not handled by RoC staff so please be sure to contact the practitioner(s) directly.


Client Spotlight: Taylor

Taylor started on the CBD oil in December 2015 with Neurologist approval. So the new journey began...

It started out just stopping every seizure without the use of the heavy duty Diazepam rectal gel. To, currently, preventing them all together. Going on 120 days seizure free on the Charlotte's Web CBD therapy. There have been a few mild break thru seizures previous to this seizure free streak, but mild and very short lived compared to what they were before the CBD oil therapy...and with absolutely NO side effects! This is now mandatory to keep the seizures and other issues under control and at bay. Taylor has shown great improvement in seizure control with the oil. Moods are better, No Diazepam needed, and NO seizures currently. Taylor has been able to come off of every prescription pharmaceutical medication out of the 8 he was on except 1 of them, and once he is seizure free for 6 months he will be able to wean off that final pharmaceutical medication. So to this family, Charlotte's Web, Cannabidiol therapy oil, has proven extremely effective and has went above and beyond "said claims". It's like a miracle! I cannot express the magnitude of the positive impact these oils have had on their lives and seizure control! CBD oil helping is great, and wonderful news and a miracle to see happening for their son. Thanks to this amazing "Side-effect free", natural oil, our son is happy, healthy, off big-pharma medications and is seizure free! He has his life back and that is the biggest blessing. We have all we ever wanted for him, good health, happiness, and on the road to life without seizures. So far so good. Whether it decreases them 50%, 75% or 100% , it is all a positive change for him and proof the oil works. It is far better than the 0% he was getting on the pharma medications for all his issues. It is fantastic to see him smiling again and to be able to finally say, "I have Epilepsy... Epilepsy doesn't have me!"

The future may not always be clear or look bright. Sometimes it's like you are given a timer as to how long you can look in life, but no matter how the future looks, we have to look up to the sky, keep our heads held high and pray. Hold on to hope, because sometimes, that's all you've got. Hope , faith, and love... that's what get's us through.





Hemp Call To Action!

We need your help!

As you are well aware, securing life-enhancing hemp products for our family members is a top priority for the Realm of Caring. The Charlotte's Web Medical Access Act of 2015 and its companion bill in the senate will help families gain access to non-psychoactive cannabis extracts that are already changing the lives of thousands of Americans who suffer from debilitating conditions. We will not rest until we have passed legislation that will make this a reality.


Shop for a Cause: Wattney Kay Limited Edition RoC Hemp Bracelets

We're happy and excited to announce that Wattney Kay has collaborated with the Realm of Caring to help spread the truth about cannabis and support the individuals and families who improve their lives with cannabinoid therapy.

Wattney Kay has designed limited edition hemp bracelets, named after children who are part of the Realm of Caring family. For every limited edition hemp bracelet sold, Wattney Kay is donating 20% to the Realm of Caring - Realm Cares fund. These donations will help provide families with financial assistance grants that will help offset the costs of cannabinoid therapy.

Visit the Wattney Kay website to make your purchase now!


Client Spotlight: Benjamin

A New Journey – Learning, Love and Policy

Sadly just 10 days after our son’s story was published in the local Highlands Ranch Herald for making it four years and nine months seizure-free, Benjamin started having seizures again Thanksgiving night 2015 which was nine months after he was weaned from all pharmaceuticals.


Expand your art collection and support RoC

In collaboration with master paper maker Paul Wong at Dieu Donne, the artist Glenn Goldberg created a series of works of hemp paper depicting his iconic imagery. Published by Mia Feroleto, the creator of ARTWALK NY and other ground-breaking events in the New York City art world, this project is a first time effort to expose the art world more fully to the possibilities of working with hemp as a material. Works of art from this series has been purchased by leading hospitals such as Montefiore, The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine, for their art collections. Montefiore is one of the leading children's hospitals in America, leading the way in cutting-edge treatment in the medical community.

These works were exhibited at the Art on Paper Fair in lower Manhattan from March 3rd through the 6th, 2016, where approximately 20,000 people enjoyed viewing Goldberg’s work and learning about industrial hemp and the contemporary hemp movement.

Two panel discussions were held at Cooper Union that include leading members of the hemp movement including Joel Stanley who, along with his brothers, developed the strain Charlotte's Web covered by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his three CNN documentary specials.

Glenn Goldberg is one of the bright lights of the New York City art world. Early exhibitions include the deeply respected Willard Gallery owned and operated by Miani Johnson. In the 1990’s Goldberg and painter Michael David were the two young art stars at Knoedler Galleries. Recently the Jason McCoy Gallery on 57th Street exhibited a one-man exhibition of Goldberg’s paintings. His show received a glowing review from Roberta Smith in the New York Times on August 8th, 2013. His use of patterning and overlapping textural dots of color, provoke one to consider and reconsider dimensions in space and time.

Goldberg now teaches at Queens College where he received his B.A. and M.F.A, as well as the Cooper Union. His awards include the 1998 Heilman Artist Swarthmore College; 1996 Margaret Hall Silva Foundation; 1989 National Endowment for the Arts; 1988 Guggenheim Fellowship; 1984 Edward Albee Foundation. He serves regularly as a visiting artist/lecturer at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. He lives and works in New York City.

A percentage of the sale of these works will benefit the Realm of Caring Foundation to ensure that clients who cannot afford to purchase cannabinoid therapies such as Charlotte's Web will receive grants to offset its cost through the Realm Cares Financial Aid program. For information on purchasing one of these works, please contact Mia Feroleto at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at 802 952 6217.

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