For as little as $1 a month, you can sustain research and education services for tens of thousands of families.

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Volunteer Highlight : Deidre Smith

Volunteer of the Year 2014 | Hours given: 730

Q. What inspired you to volunteer for Realm of Caring (RoC)?

A. I saw what it was doing for the families and what a good cause it was. It was such a blessing to be involved with people that understood what I was going through with my daughter. I wanted to be able to help as many as I could with this opportunity.

Q. What do you do as a volunteer for RoC?

A. I help with promoting the organization with products such as embroidering the logo on shirts, bags and blankets, running the RoC store and creating products for fundraising events.


Now seeking volunteers to support the 2018 Auction, which will take place on June 21st at Bear Dance Golf Club. In 2017, this event was one of our largest fundraisers. Specifically, we are seeking motivated individuals, who can help gather targeted items and solicit the support of local businesses.


Calling all volunteers!

We need your help with organizing, photographing, and writing descriptions for our auction items to prepare for the Golf Tournament Auction coming up in June. Meagan and Lacie will work alongside you on this project from 9am-3pm.


Come join the party!

RoC families, friends, and staff will join forces on May 17th from 9am-5pm to Spring Clean the Office at our National Headquarters at 3515 N. Chestnut Avenue from 9a-5p. Please drop by to visit and lend a hand to help the RoC shine! We will be sprucing up the inside of the building, as well as completing some yard work projects. Please bring your pruning shears, rakes, shovels, cleaning supplies, and anything else we might need to provide a little tender loving care to our beloved building.


It is that time of year again where YOU are VIP baby! We do this for our volunteers only!
Please join us in the Sky Sox box for VIP treatment. Food, drinks, goodies, and pats on the back!

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