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Meet Ezra:

Ezra’s journey started in South Carolina where he was diagnosed with seizures at 4 days old along with multiple hospitalizations at only 6 days old. At 3 months old he was placed on a medication cocktail that triggered Infantile Spasms.

Ezra was on Charlotte’s Web for about 7 months with wonderful results in seizure reduction and increase in alertness and cognition, however it was in March that he developed dystonia, which twisted his frail body into a constant back bend. He broke both femurs, misplaced vital organs, and caused terminal muscle breakdown and constant pain. Through much testing we found out that Ezra is now listed with a probable mitochondrial disorder yet known and this was the cause of the dystonia, prognosis was grim: progressive and degenerative, if not properly treated then it will eventually lead to his passing. He was placed on palliative care including high doses of Baclaforen and Valuim for muscle tension and Morphine and Gabapentin for pain; nothing helped and my son’s body continued to deteriorate.

After much research I found a high THC Indica strain whose benefits included pain relief and muscle relaxation. The Stanley Brothers graciously obliged to make the strain into an oil and the results were simply astounding. His specialists were baffled by the improvements so much that they are writing him up for a case study to review around the United States.


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