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Parent to Parent: Medicaid Waivers for Adults & Teens

Do you have an adult or teen in your life with disabilities? Do you have a thousand questions about Medicaid Waivers and the pros/cons of each? Can you use the guidance of another caregiver who's been through it recently and is willing to share information "from the trenches" of advocacy?

Meet Jennie Stormes: Fierce advocate. Dynamic, talented nurse. Mom to two diverse and wonderful young adults.

Join us as we welcome Jennie and her wealth of knowledge, gained while navigating the local support systems on behalf of her son Jax. Jennie's passion is sharing the information she has learned with other caregivers so that they are aware of the options available to their loved ones and can choose for themselves what supports they should put in place. This session will focus primarily on the pros/cons of each of the adult Medicaid waivers in our state and is most appropriate for caregivers of teens and adults with disabilities. Note: Caregivers, this session is inclusive and your loved ones are welcome to attend this information session with you.

COMING SOON: Jennie's next session will focus on pediatric waivers.

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